The admission requirements set out below are the minimum requirements which may entitle an applicant to a place in the University for First Degree Courses.
  1. The GCE O/L, with passes in five approved subjects including English Language prior to sitting the GCE A/L
  2. One of the following requirements in the GCE A/L:
    • Two GCE/AL passes at the same sitting.
    • The BAC in the series appropriate to the intended field for specialization.
    • Candidates with other qualifications considered by Senate as the equivalent of these qualifications.
  3. Individual departments may impose additional and specific requirements.
  4. Students whose language of instruction was not English, will be required to pass a prescribed English Language test, unless they have successfully completed the Special Intensive English Language Course.

Programs Currently Available for Admission

Program is available for admission
Program is not available for admission
  • Health & Biomedical Sciences - HBS
    • Dental Therapy - DEN
      • Medical Diagnostic Imaging - MDI
        • Medical Laboratory Sciences - MLS
          • Medical Laboratory Sciences - MLS
            • Midwifery - MDW
              • Nursing - NSG
                1. Higher Professional Dipolma in Nursing
              • Pharmacy - PHM
                • Physiotherapy - PHY

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